Year 2019, Azimut

29,10 m
7,07 m
2,06 m
Cruising 22 knots / Max 30 knots
3 double cabins, 2 twin cabins
High season
97.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
92.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 12
We accept charges from
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Memories Too 29 meter motor yacht for charter with 5 cabins for 12 guests

Built by the household shipbuilder Azimut, this super-yacht is a lesson in high-end craftsmanship and state-of-the art design. Modern silhouettes meet high performances and the contemporary look is juxtaposed by timeless navy hues evocative of the golden era of St.Tropez. Both powerfully futuristic and tenderly melancholic, Memories Too is truly a striking masterpiece waiting to guide you through azure cruising adventures on your next yacht charter vacation. 
Manufactured in 2019, the lush exterior is a product of Stefano Righini’s imagination, while the interior of this 29.1-meter beauty was designed by Salvagni Architetti. 
The five en-suite cabins accommodate up to twelve yachting-aficionados - Memories Too is a stunning example of space-efficient design, with the master suite being a generous oasis complete with a master bathroom and walk-in closet, while the TV is skilfully hidden in the ritzy cabinetry. Two double cabins and two twin rooms are all polished with modern art for added appeal, with sumptuous showers, and wardrobes included in all suites.   
Accommodation for crew allows six staff members to provide unparalleled service to ensure smooth sailing in comfort. 
The open-plan centre salon is perfect for some indoor lounging on colder evenings, and the dining area of blue tones seats up to eight guests who can enjoy delicious meals while gazing at the sea vistas. 
The exterior of Memories Too is wonderfully organized - the generous swim platform allows you to gradually access the sea for your first-morning swim, as well as easily embark on your 4m Williams tender to explore the nearby waters. The main deck aft is a harmony of the iconic white and navy hues, featuring a crisp C-shaped sofa and two comfortable armchairs to find refuge from the heat of a summer afternoon and enjoy a meal shaded by the flybridge. 
The upper deck offers four comfortable sun loungers, as well as a barbecue for some mingling, an alfredo dining area offering panoramic views, and right next, a plush c-shaped sofa inviting you for an after-lunch siesta. The sunbathing zone is placed at the foredeck - the large sunbeds and bow-sofa will be your biggest bronzing allies this summer. 
With luxurious amenities, a wide variety of water toys, and striking design, this superyacht is bound to serve as the ideal place for you to make Memories Too!

Water Toys 

  • 1 x William Tender 4m
  • 2 x Seabob F5s
  • Inflatable Sofa
  • Water Skis
  • Canoe
  • Stand up Paddleboard 
  • Snorkeling Equipment 
  • Fishing Equipment

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