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Champagne-fuzed soirees, blush sunsets, whitewashed houses with blue shutters are just some things that come to mind when Mykonos is mentioned. Often referred to as "The Island Of Winds", this Greek oasis has long been known as the most glamorous destination in the Cyclades. Flocked by celebrities each summer, it's the place to see and be seen, where you can rub shoulders with A-listers in world-famous beach clubs, swim in the turquoise coves, and shop in the trendiest boutiques that serve as a source of inspiration for the Vogue's greatest fashionistas. 

Make a serious entrance with your luxury charter yacht, and make it your priority to celebrate life in the most stylish way. A party animal at night, Mykonos is actually quite serene during the day, with colorful harbors sprinkled with little fishing boats that bring the freshest daily catch of fish to the ritziest of restaurants. The bougainvillea framed streets, the wandering pelicans (one of which was given to the island by Jackie O), the jet-setters tanning in their Vilebrequin, and the upbeat day parties are what makes this island iconic - they say that you haven't ever partied before you visit Mykonos. 

Towns to visit in Mykonos 


The main town of the island and the most vibrant area with numerous beach clubs, ritzy eateries, and stunning vistas, Chora is located on the west coast and attracts the glitterati who hide under Dita shades while sipping on detox drinks while soaking in the sizzling Greek sun. Yes, it can get a little wild, but if you find yourself lost in the seemingly endless party cycle, you can always escape to Little Venice. The area offers a more local perspective, enchanting views of the sea, and is even more polished than the rest of the town. Come for a drink at sunset or hunt for your next art piece in one of the chic galleries in the area. Of course, when coming to see Mykonos Town, you can't skip out on a windmill tour - built by the Venetians in the renaissance era; they give the city an exquisite charm and romantic touch. 

Have a stroll through Matogianni Street to marvel at the cubic whitewashed houses with blue balconies in this glamorous Cycladic village, where trendy boutiques and chic bars lean on to each other - a great spot for people watching as well as searching for your statement summer outfit.  

Ano Mera

Chora's quieter sister, Ano Mera, offers a somewhat similar look but a completely different character. Explore the other side of Mykonos in this laid-back village, just minutes away from the main town. Ano Mera is centered around a square and is a great spot to research Cycladic architecture, with cubic houses adorned with bougainvillea flowers that paint a perfect picture of the history of the island. 

Nearby, you can visit the eclectic Panagia Tourliani Monastery, with different settlements centered around a Cycladic-style Cloister. Founded in 1542, the monastery was updated through the centuries and is devoted to the patron saint of the island, the Virgin Mary of Tourlos. After passing the typical Mykonos white exterior, you'll encounter a colorful baroque dome and wooden iconostasis, a lush garden with a gorgeous fountain, and the intense fragrance of the flowers in bloom. 

If you enjoy this spiritual Greek journey, you can also see the Monastery of Paleokastro that is just 1 km away. The charming religious site is a viridescent oasis and affords wonderful views of the island. 

If religious sites don't spark your interest, book a day at the Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm to enjoy the picturesque countryside serenity, get lost in the vineyards, and get a glimpse into both the historical background of the island, as well as the impressive biodiversity. 

A great activity for hedonists, the farm is also a place kids will greatly enjoy, thanks to friendly animals like donkeys, sheep, and goats. The active charterers won't mind the climb necessary to reach the Gyzi Castle, perched high above the town, with ruins of an old local market, cemetery, and settlements. The 13th Century castle was built by one of the most influential families of the time to protect Ano Mera from pirate attacks and enemies. 

Best Beaches In Mykonos

This Cycladian oasis is famous for its azure beaches where the rich and famous come to relax. Whether you're here to dance till dusk or want to recover from last night on a more serene turquoise bay, Mykonos offers a myriad of picture-perfect places to swim and sunbathe. 

Platis Gialos Beach

Perhaps the most famous Mykonos beach, Platis Gialos, offers spectacular sights, crystal clear water, and soft alabaster sand. It's not a party beach per se but has many bars and restaurants that add to the lively atmosphere. A great choice for families, this beach has calm and shallow seas that make it popular among those traveling with little ones. 

Psarou Beach 

Sprinkled with luxurious yachts and trendy bars, Psarou is a tropic-looking beach that attracts the rich and famous who come both for the enchanting environment and people watching. While it does get a bit crowded, these are not just any crowds - come and get lost in the scent of niche perfume and sea salt mixing in the air, with the occasional paparazzi trying to snap the perfect shot. 

Super Paradise Beach

The waters are incredibly glittery, the sand is golden and soft, and the atmosphere quite lively - Super Paradise Beach is definitely one of the most fabulous beaches in Mykonos. Just 15 minutes from Mykonos Town or Chora, the beach attracts young people looking for a good time and those who enjoy upbeat music, colorful cocktails, and mesmerizing scenery. 

Elia Beach

The largest beach of Mykonos has room for everyone and offers a cosmopolitan and quite liberal ambiance where people come to let their hair down. Backdropped by dreamy mountains, Elia Beach is just as popular for the beautiful sea for the bustling tempo and fashionable bars. 

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is the best place for dancing barefoot to the sound of music played by the most popular DJs of today and one of the most iconic beaches on the island. Fine-grained beige sand is covered with parasols, and the water is limpid and warm - the appropriately named oasis is ideal for a festive day at sea. 

Panormos Beach

If you feel like a more laid-back beach day, Panormos is perfect for you. Mostly a wild beach, the sandy Panormos is also great for those who want to test out their luxury charter yacht's water toys far from the hustle and bustle. 

These are our suggestions, but Mykonos has a vast range of spectacular swimming spots. Try the Agios Sostis, Agios Ioannis, Agrari for options and Kalafatis for windsurfing or a more off the radar experience. 

Shopping In Mykonos

Mykonos offers more than just dazzling nature - the island is known as Vogue's favorite Greek island and is full of tanned trendsetters cruising for their next "it" item. Even without the beaches, the island would still be worth a visit, even just for the shopping adventure. 

Bazaar, Scorpios

Part of the cult beach club Scorpios, Bazaar is heaven for fashionistas who enjoy the bohemian look adored by the Mykonos-regulars. Hunt for your new kaftan or healing crystal in this stylish shop that offers a stunning ambiance with suede hammocks and a beige minimal color palette. 

Luisa, Nammos

If you come to the famous Nammos beach club slightly underdressed, don't worry - you can always update your outfit at Luisa. Curated brand items from Celine and Saint Laurent Paris will leave you overwhelmed with choice - but whatever you choose, you won't go wrong, as each garment is handpicked by an expert team. 

Amnesia, Chora

The only thing you might want to forget after shopping in this whitewashed Mykonos town store might be the bill - but the experience is so worth it. A cave-like boutique hides a huge variety of wicker baskets, boho jewelry, and leather goods. 

Best restaurants in Mykonos

The island is a hedonist paradise in every way - try to visit as many restaurants as you can, although all of them will tempt you to come back over and over again. 


Located at the stunning Psarou beach, Nammos is a glamorous concept restaurant that offers seaside dining at its best. With organized yacht transfers, this is the ideal place to visit during your charter cruise adventure. 


Another jewel of Psarou Beach, Coo, is a playground for the "in" crowds who come for the chic atmosphere and delicious sushi. 


One of the latest sensations on the Mykonos scene, Scorpios connects fine dining with the ritziest beach parties and stellar environment. Hip cliques come to dance the night away, while foodies come to savor the alchemy of the fresh and healthy dishes. 


A rustic tavern on the Agios Sostis beach that doesn't even have electricity offers an authentic taste of the Cycladic cuisine. You might have to wait for a table for quite a while, and they offer no reservations - this is an intriguing spot to enjoy delicious seafood and unique ambiance. 


If you have a special occasion in mind, book a table at this Chora seaside restaurant and enjoy fine dining in a spectacular setting. They offer a marvelous degustation menu with tasty amuse bouches, innovative dishes, and unexpected food pairings.

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