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Yacht Charter in Greece

The best selection of yachts for charter in Greece

Let us craft the perfect yacht charter experience as you luff up to explore the hidden gems of the Ionian, Saronic, Dodecanese or Cycladic archipelago! Your well-being is our priority - let us take care of everything as you surrender to the beauty of the shimmering seas and blue horizons.

Whether you're looking for sandy coves where you can recharge and bronze with out so much as a cell phone signal, or want to party with celebrities tete a tete, we have you covered!

Very few places on Earth - if any - offer the same beauty as Greece. Did you know that if you wanted to visit every island in Greece, it would take you over 16 years to do so, if you spent a day in each?

There are almost 6000 islands to visit, scattered across the glittery seas of this Mediterranean country, and all of them flaunt exotic-looking coves, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine and sleepy villages that will make you feel as if somehow you've entered a time capsule.

Easily accessible from every corner of the world with direct flights to Athens from every major city, Greece is a bucket list destination for any hedonist and culture vulture.

With so much to do both on land and at sea, the best way to get the most out of your vacation is by luxury charter cruise - pick the charter yacht of your dreams, gather your entourage and start your island-hopping adventure!

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the perfect yacht charter itinerary that will suit your needs. Here at SNS Yacht Charter, we specialize in crafting bespoke luxury yacht charter experiences.


Destination Greece

Choosing where to spend your summer might be the most deliciously sweet problem on Earth. Greece is a land of contrast where you'll find everything from star-studded swanky beach bars to completely unexplored turquoise coves where you can let your guard downand enjoy the utmost privacy.Tell us where you want to go - whether you'd like to dance till dawn or simply sip on cocktails far away from curious tourists, and we'll create a custom made itinerary that fits all your needs.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Holiday on board a charter yacht

Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve developed our skills over the years and have hundreds of luxury yachts for charter that will match your needs and personal style. From sailing yachts and motor yachts to hip catamarans, we have all sorts of glamorous yachts for your next stylish yacht charter holiday. In case you didn’t see the luxury charter yacht of your dream on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us - we’ll find the one to sweep you of your feet and get back to you shortly.

We are eager to hear all about your preferences so that we can make a tailor-made selection of superb options!


Cyclades Islands

Perfect for: Couples and friends who want to have the time of their lives

Highlights: Sunsets in Oia, Beach clubs in Mykonos and sandy beaches in Naxos & The Lions of Delos

Arguably the most famous archipelago in Greece includes some of the most prestigious destinations in Europe. The Cyclades will seduce you with glittery beaches, unique natural jewels, haute mode boutiques, and ritzy restaurants and clubs where you’re likely to run in to models and celebrities. If you want to party with the creme de la creme of society, a visit to Mykonos is an absolute must. Santorini will leave you spellbound with the blush sunsets in Oia and the out worldly caldera, while Milos looks like a summer resort from a sci-fi movie. With dozens of exceptionally modern marinas, a bustling nightclub scene that will make you put your hair down, and shops where Vogue editors and stylists are hunting for their next statement piece, the Cyclades are definitely a route you have to take at least once in a lifetime.

But it’s not all fun and games in this archipelago - if you’re keen on exploring the rich cultural heritage, you’ll stay quite busy. In Santorini, you can spend time wandering Akrotiti, the Greek version of Pompei. Just next to it, you can visit the island of Delos, which according to mythology, was the birth place of Apollo - a temple devoted to him still stands till today, just waiting for your visit. In Naxos, you can see the ancient Portara without even leaving your luxury yacht.

In case you're hoping to devote a week to pure hedonistic enjoyment, visit the iconic clubs of Mykonos and dance barefoot on the sand to the tunes of the world's most famous DJs. And don’t even get us started on the cuisine - from fine dining restaurants where you can treat your tastebuds to a true spectacle to understated taverns where you can try local dishes prepared with endemic fresh produce, cruising the Cyclades is a real adventure for any gourmand.


Dodecanese Islands

Perfect for: Great for both families and friend groups as well as history enthusiasts

Highlights: Rhodes Town, Acropolis of Lindos, Monastery of the Apocalypse, the volcanic caldera in Nisyros, Apella Beach

If you're looking to enjoy dreamy beaches without being bothered by tourist crowds, the Dodecanese archipelago is your ideal route. The gorgeous island of Nisyros offers a similar appeal to Santorini, minus the sometimes overwhelming amount of people wandering the streets of Oia. Of course, sometimes we're in a social mood - but other times, all you need is a glass of fine rose and some deserted turquoise beaches.

An island hopping adventure in the Dodecanese provides plenty of variety - in cosmopolitan Rhodes, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife and exceptional medieval architecture, in Patmos you can do some soul searching as it's the most spiritual island in Greece, Kos has an abundance of sandy beaches and ancient landmarks (here, you can also relax under the shade of Pythagoras tree), in Symi, you can wander through the pastel-hued streets with Venetian mansions, while Leros stands out with its art deco architecture.

While the name of the archipelago literally translates to "12 islands", it actually consists of 15 gorgeous large illes and up to 150 smaller, uninhabited ones where you can explore the wild nature and find endemic animal species. Kastelorizo is very sparsely populated with only one village of 200 residents - here, you can spot monarchos seals and water turtles in the wild, an encounter your little ones will cherish forever. In Leros, you can soak in the sun rays on one of the fabulous beaches or explore the eclectic culture born as a result of different rulers, including Ottomans, Byzantines, Italians and Germans. Perhaps you've never even heard of Karpathos - but it's home to the most enchanting sandy beaches that could easily be mistaken for some Caribbean hotspots.


Saronic Islands

Perfect for: Couples, Families, anyone on a tight time schedule and those looking for hidden jewels

Highlights: Love Bay, The Ancient Temple of Aphaia, the chic city of Spetses and deserted beaches

If you're looking to spend a gorgeous yacht charter vacation, but need to know that you can fly any time for business, choose a cruise in the Saronic Islands - they're the ones closest to the mainland, and allow you to fly back and forth from Athens whenever necessary. Aside from that convenience, the Saronic islands are the next big thing in high profile traveling, since they offer an understated luxury and an aristocratic charm you're unlikely to find elsewhere.

Start by exploring the stylish Spetses town, with its brightly-hued neoclassical villas, and then head to Hydra, an island adored by Marylin Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and the Kennedys. Here, you'll find several villages where time stood still - cars are not allowed and the way of life hasn't changed much since the 60s, when the island got its reputation as the meeting point for famous writers, poets and painters. Aegina is the closest to Athens, and therefore a popular pick for locals who own beautiful weekend houses here. It has a very laidback vibe and dozens of chill beaches perfect for those traveling with little sailors. If you're looking to have the beach all to yourself, Agistri will steal your heart away with its tropical virgin coves that look like a scene from the Blue Lagoon.


Ionian Islands

Perfect for: Sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts, families, couples and group friends
Highlights: Beaches, Beaches, Beaches (there's lots of historic landmarks, superb restaurants, and museums, but the beaches simply steal the show)

Known as the greenest Greek islands, the Ionains are the closest you can get to exotic coves without branching out to Asia or South America. Imagine the beaches of Thailand, butright next to ancient Greek temples and you pretty much have the perfect picture of what a luxury charter cruise in the Ionian archipelago entails. Whether it's the electric-blueShipwreck beach in Zakynthos, Lefkada's aquamarine jewels, or the endless stretches offine-gained sugarcane sand in Paxos and Antipaxos, or the safe haven for turtles in Laganas, wherever you choose to moor for the day offers a perfect opportunity to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy.

Unfortunately, the beaches kind of overshadow the historical landmarks that most definitely deserve equal attention. If you're willing to leave the beach for a few hours, make sure to explore the beautiful Corfu town and its enchanting medieval castle. If not, your captain will take you to the Vlacherna monastery that sits on a minuscule islet, so you can learn a bit of history without getting too far from the shimmery Ionian seas. The Melissani cave offers more insight into ancient Greek culture while offering ethereal beauty that, according to legend, has attracted the Nymphs who used it as a place of worship.

The west coast archipelago all have distinct characters, thanks to multiple influences fromBritish, Venetian and French rulers. Ionians are the ideal choice for those who can't quench their thirst for wanderlust and adventure, as each part of a luxury charter cruise in this chainof illes has something completely different to offer.

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