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Sail away into your next adventure on the largest Dodecanese Island and discover dozens of Caribbean-blue beaches just waiting for you to explore them. With long stretches of toasty sand without so much as a foot trace on them, ancient towns full of mystery and secrets, medieval streets, and impressive fortresses, Rhodes offers a number of activities to enjoy on your luxury charter cruise both on land and sea. 

Also known as The Island of the Knights, nicknamed after Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem whose reign lasted from 1310 to 1522, Rhodes was a melting pot for different traditions through the centuries and offers an eclectic mix of cultures that will wow any history and architecture enthusiast. 

The vibrant scene will keep you busy from dusk till dawn, with a huge variety of superb bars, clubs, and restaurants, while the lush nature will enchant you with colorful blossoms and the diversity of species that inhabit the island. 

Once famous for being the home of Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the island is now a meeting point of modern hotspots and historic sites. 

With several glossy marinas offering top-notch services and hundreds of berths, Rhodes is truly a paradise for yachting aficionados. The one located in the capital can accommodate 382 vessels up to 150 meters in length and has eco-friendly, glamorous facilities that will exceed the expectations of even the most discerning of sailors. Luff up and come to play in the turquoise seas of this mesmerizing Dodecanese island, full of enthralling spots to enjoy with family and friends. 

Best Places To Visit In Rhodes

Rhodes Town

The capital is actually separated into two very different areas with completely different vibes - The Old and The New Town. The latter isn’t all that new either - sprinkled with Venetian villas and Neo-Gothic sites, you’ll find many fashionable boutiques, high-end jewelry, and ritzy nightclubs here. If you enjoy a good walk, visit Cyprus Square or head to the Nea Agora market to marvel at the majestic architecture and real-gold accents. The Old Town is a sealed time capsule with enchanting medieval architecture and is actually the oldest inhabited Gothic city in Europe. 

It holds a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status with each corner soaked deep in history - on your stroll, you’ll encounter buildings established by the crusaders, Ottoman mosques and mansions, and cumquat and orange, cypress, and myrtle fragrant gardens hiding behind Byzantine chapels. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes - Rhodes Town is known to require some physical fitness and stamina. When you do get tired, recharge in one of the charming cafes offering sweet baklava and strong Greek coffee. 


Before becoming a popular tourist resort in the 60s, Lindos was a place for Avantgarde artists, society outcasts, and poets. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd still owns property in this dreamy village, now one of the most adored summer destinations in the Mediterranean. 

Surrounded by endless horizons of blue, Lindos is the place where Byzantine and Ancient Greek intertwine, but there’s something completely unique to the village. The 17th-century mansions built in the style of traditional Roedean architecture with monochrome “choklakia” mosaics are a rare curiosity that impresses any aesthete who walks the streets of Lindos, even more than encounters with celebrities such as Steven Spielberg and Bernardo Bertolucci, who often spend their summers here. 

But don’t get seduced by the laid-back glamour - there’s plenty to learn during your stay here, as well. Walk up to The Acropolis of Lindos to marvel at panoramic views of the city, the doric temple of Athena Lindia, and the 14th-century Castle of the Knights of St. John. Visit the Agia Panagia church, built in 1300, with impressive frescoes that depict Biblical scenes. 

After a stroll through the whitewashed village, get some retail therapy in one of the shops that sell handmade goods and artworks, or head to the Megali Paralia beach or St. Paul's Bay, a natural swimming pool with crystal clear waters. Megali is a sandy oasis with shallow water, ideal for building sandcastles and splashing around with little ones. If you want to show your kids a good time, organize a donkey ride through the village - that way you can explore it together without having to carry a stroller everywhere you go. 


A sleepy village that almost became a ghost town in the 80s when most of its residents left, Lachania has gone through a renaissance lately when new investors gave it a new life. Still quite traditional, it has recently become a hub for expat artists who seek inspiration in the scenic environment. You’ll find several old chapels scattered across the village, and the archeological site of Monolithos is quite near as well. The architecture is a beautiful mix of Venetian, Ottoman, and Roman influences. 

You’ll have a selection of spectacular beaches to choose from here - the serene Plimiri Beach is also an important turtle nesting site, while for a more active day, head to the surfing paradise of Prasonisi, perfect for fun in the sizzling Greek sun. 

Butterfly Valley 

A beguiling 600-acre natural park, located on the west of the island, Butterfly Valley is a stunning oasis where you’ll find the Zitia tree, that houses millions of butterflies, including rare species who spread their wings in the shade, perfectly unaware of their beauty. The sound of birds chirping and the small cascading waterfalls make this lush haven perfect for some meditation. Just at the entrance, you’ll find The Natural History Museum of Rhodes, where you can see endemic species of various butterflies who come to the Valley, displayed in their natural environment. A lovely activity to enjoy with children, the Valley is close to several charming villages to explore next. 

Best Beaches in Rhodes

Agathi Beach

There’s no shortage of sandy coves where you can come for a swimming day in Rhodes, so we decided not to dwell on ones in Lindos or Lachania further. Agathi Beach is one of the most alluring ones of this Dodecanese island - with bronzy sand that becomes pink near the entrance to the crystal clear waters attracts sun-worshipers and aspiring photographers alike. Located on the east coast, near the Medieval Feraklos castle, Agathi is perfect for families traveling with kids thanks to shallow seas and tranquil waters. You’ll find a few tavernas serving drinks and refreshments where you can recharge after a full day of fun in the sun. 

Anthony Quinn Bay

The beach that became famous after The Guns of Navarone was shot here in 1961 enamored the starring actor so much he decided to purchase the bay with the aim of creating an international center for artists and film-makers here. Due to some issues with the government, the sale was later annulled, but the beach still carries Anthony Quinn’s name. Nevertheless, this might be one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece but in all of Europe as well. Due to thriving underwater vegetation, the water has a unique emerald color, pine trees juxtaposed by dramatic rocks and cliffs, and haze of young A-listers mooring their superyachts in the bay are why this cove tops the list of all travel publications. Come here for an exciting summer day and surrender to the charms of this Eden-like oasis. 

Tsambika Beach

Named after a nearby monastery with many legends and miracles connected to its history, Tsambika beach is a long stretch of sand with limpid, glittery seas that make it perfect for a fun family day. With several facilities and vibrant tavernas that work night and day to entertain customers, Tsambika is long enough to never get overcrowded. Dominated by a tall mountain in the distance, this beach is a unique site and a great choice for both families and singles.

The Seven Springs - a natural phenomenon of seven gushing springs that create a river, is a stone throw away. The river makes a tunnel and goes underground, only to reappear on the other side of the valley in a moment. If you wish to visit the Byzantine monastery where wishes come true, you’ll be awarded spectacular views of the beach and forests. 

Lordos Beach

Just by the scenic village of Kiotari, Lordos Beach is another sandy oasis with endless stretches of coastline where you can kick back and relax with family and friends. The water is glittery and translucent - parents can let their kids play carefree, and a few tavernas offer a quick bite if all that splashing leaves you hungry. 

Best Restaurants in Rhodes

Mageirotechneio Paraga

Located in Apollona, this restaurant is by far the best place to explore the mouthwatering Greek cuisine and dishes. The menu has a large selection of meals with recipes that were passed from generation to generation, but don’t let the rural charms fool you - the wine list contains some of the biggest superstars and high-end labels that add to the overall fine dining experience. 


The hip restaurant in Old Town Rhodes offers traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, but with a modern twist. The sea bass ceviche is to die for, and the creative representation matches the stellar flavors. 

L'Auberge Bistro 21 

Another gem from the Old Town, the upscale L’Auberge is a fusion of French and Greek cuisine set in a stunning ambiance that won’t disappoint even the most discerning gourmands. 

Ono By Marouli

Set in a charming garden in the capital, Ono is the place to eat healthy without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything. With plenty of gluten-free and plant-based options, this restaurant attracts the health-conscious in crowds who come to munch on the shakshouka and beetroot salad. No meat on the menu, but the vegan burger will trick the taste buds of any 5 Guys fan in seconds. 

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