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Say Kalimera to the azure seas and lush olive groves of this stunning Greek Island. The beauty of this cosmopolitan gem of the Mediterranean will have you spellbound with stunning sun-drenched beaches, cultural heritage, and refined restaurants. Surrounded by a rugged, dramatic coastline, Corfu is bejeweled with landmarks of British, Venetian, and French rulers, all of whom added to the irresistible charm on the second largest Ionian island. The warm climate makes it a beautiful destination year-round, although the peak season is between April and November. 

The friendly crew of your exclusive charter yacht will pour you a glass of the most delicate pale rose and introduce you to the most azure bays in the mainland, lovely harbors in the east coasts and the nearby islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. 

Tucked away between two fortresses, Corfu’s capital city is a maze of old Venetian and Neoclassical streets with houses in shades of yellow and orange. The culture vulture will have his hands full, with many sights that hide glimpses into the town's rich history. Make sure to visit Casa Parlante, a noble 19th-century mansion with an eclectic mix of period interiors and animatronic figures, where you’ll enjoy an interactive show that introduces you to the times long gone. With great representations of the decor and costumes of the era, robotic technology, and acting, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a time capsule. 

Little ones will love a visit to the Archeological Museum that houses the oldest stone pediment in Greece dated to 590-580 BC - the Artemis of Corfu, The Lion of Menecrates, and numerous finds from different excavations in the region. 

Stroll around, making stops for coffee along the way, and visit the New Fortress to the west and 6th Century Old Fortress to the east, both surrounded by insurmountable ramparts. After you climb the highest walls, you’ll be rewarded with enchanting views of the city, coastline, Straits of Corfu, and mainland Greece. 

The delicious local cuisine comprises unique blends of different spices, with honey, sheep yogurt, and figs being the main specialties. After an endless walk, recharge with a sicomida, a cake made from figs, almonds, pepper, cinnamon, and wine usually paired with aromatic Greek coffee. Thanks to different cultural influences, you’ll be able to indulge in dishes from all over the world. If you’d like to book a lunch with a view, don’t miss La Veranda di Corfu, a restaurant where you’ll be able to sip on colorful cocktails whisked up by an enthusiastic, young staff into the sunset. To enjoy some incomparable French and Greek appetizers, head to Scheria, situated just 30 meters from the beach, overlooking the Garitsa Bay. 

If you feel like sticking around for more historical sites, visit the Achilleion, the summer residence of the Austrian empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, or the 13th Century Paleokastritsa Monastery. 

The Unesco World heritage town has a few excellent beaches where you can cool down surrounded by the colorful vistas of the land. Faliraki Beach overlooks the old fortress and offers numerous bars where you can pick up some refreshments. The Anemomilos Beach is an excellent choice for families looking for shallow, tranquil waters to splash around with kids. 

Sail away from City Marina into new, mesmerizing horizons to discover more places soaked in the sweltering Greek sun. 

The Northeast coast of the island is home to the picturesque Agni Bay, some 30 km from the city. The unspoiled shingle and sand beach is serene and adorned with verdant olive groves that add to this fishing village’s zen atmosphere that is today the best-kept secret in Greece. With 3 taverns that cater to visitors dropping them off with jetties, Agni is the hotspot for hedonists looking to enjoy the unique cuisine of the island - Nikolas’ Taverna is hailed by many as the best place to discover the genuine local cuisine. The iconic taverna prides itself on the delicious Corfian recipes and bustling ambiance that keeps guests long after dinner is done. Try the Pastitsada, a rooster dish served with pasta or the Stifado, rabbit meat specialty for the adventurous eater. Upbeat traditional music and Corfian folklore dancing make the experience even more worthwhile. 

When you’re ready to luff up and explore more natural gems, make sure to pay a visit to Cape Drastis, located on the northernmost point of the island. A virgin oasis that offers some of the most dramatic and impressive views is surrounded by glittery pristine seas and is a migraine to reach any other way than by boat. The peninsula offers glorious sheltered beaches and a plethora of sea caves separated by stretches of sand that will seduce any speleology lover. 

For a rare mix of spirituality and hedonism, visit the Vlacherna Monastery that dates back to the 13th Century and is located on a minuscule island with nothing but the church of Virgin Mary on it. Perhaps the most emblematic site of Corfu Island is connected to the mainland with a narrow pedestrian walkway, flanked with fishing boats that leads to Pontikonisi or Mouse Island, famous for inspiring Homer’s Odyssey, where you can visit the millenia old Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator. 

If you’re planning to make your yacht charter holiday unforgettable with a romantic gesture, consider a proposal at the Canal d’Amour, situated in a gulf northeast of Corfu, a lunar landscape unique in the Mediterranean. Also known as Sidari, the azure bay is lined with rocky clay cliffs - the legend says that two people who swim here are bound to fall in love. When it's time to celebrate, book a table at the charming Orchard restaurants, where you can enjoy gourmet greek meals in an Eden-like garden setting. Try the stuffed vine leaves that are simply to die for - the restaurant also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. If you feel like putting your dancing shoes on, you can enjoy some modern music at the C by Caesars, a stunning club with a lively atmosphere that attracts the hip, young crowds for a night about town. 

In case you feel inspired by the beats and would like to do some more partying, Kavos is the place to be. While the southern hotspot does provide paradisiacal beaches with fine, sugar-cane sand, it’s mostly famous for the bars and clubs where tourists spend evenings that they’d love to remember forever, but usually don’t, thanks to delicious shots and cocktails sipped in the cool vibe seaside party havens. 

The next day, you can swim in the Agios Georgios Argyradon beach or sip on healthy elixirs at Issos.

Porto Timoni and Afionas village are simply breathtaking and still have an authentic Corfian character, situated in the northwest part of the island between San George and Arillas. To enjoy one of the most glittery bays mercifully spared from mass tourism, moor in the sapphire-colored seas here and enjoy the mesmerizing nature. Afionas is famous for its gorgeous nature - the region is so uncorrupt you can catch glimpses of Mathraki, Othoni, and Erikoussa islands gleaming in the distance. Visit the 18th-century church on the main square, walk through the bougainvillea-adorned streets and go swimming or snorkeling at Porto Timoni beach, just below Afionas by Agios Georgios Pagi. Porto Timoni actually represents two beaches, separated by a narrow strip of land, that is shaded with verdant, dense trees. Dive enthusiasts will love the small sea cave just nearby. The sea at Porto Timoni is completely transparent and only discovered by the lucky few. Although there are not many facilities and restaurants, you’ll be able to enjoy the best service from the privacy of your luxurious charter yacht. 

When you’re ready to do some relaxing and perhaps snap a few Insta-friendly shots, Logaras Beach is nature’s masterpiece that will impress you with stunning vistas from vertiginous viewing points. With incredible rock formations and cliffs that jut into the sea, Logas might be the most beautiful Corfian beach. That doesn’t mean it’s overcrowded, though - during the day; you’ll be able to enjoy a somewhat serene atmosphere. When the tourists do flock to the oasis in search of that perfect sunset view (Logas is often referred to as Sunset Beach), just retreat to your private charter yacht that serves as a panoramic hub. 

After an evening of twilight hunting, devote the next day to making a tour of the rural Greek villages that proudly present the traditional way of life. Just 20 minutes from Logas, Avliotes is a scenic haven surrounded by the green countryside, with a family-friendly beach Agios Stefanos where you can explore the lush marine life far away from tourist groups. 

Purchase some handmade goods in the myriad of village shops that sell handmade goods, try the kleftiko lamb shank at Fantasea restaurant and visit the 18th century Virgin Mary Church while you’re here. 

In a few minutes, you’ll make your way back to your starting point, the striking city of Corfu. If you feel like picking up some last-minute souvenirs or enjoy some retail therapy, visit the glamourous shops offering a variety of both traditional goods and exclusive fashion brands. The Icon Gallery is an excellent place for some art to remind you of your unforgettable cruise, and so is Guildford House of art and antiques. The family-run Patounis Soap factory offers a range of traditional Corfian cosmetics - and if you’re looking to buy some kumquat liqueur, only found in this elegant Greek island, visit the Vassilakis shop that also offers perfume, jams, and liqueurs that will remind you of your Mediterranean escapade long after summer is over. 

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