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Sheer, vertiginous cliffs, electric-blue seas, and traditional villages of Lefkada leave so much to be explored on your next luxury charter cruise. The fourth-largest Ionian island offers both secluded beaches where you can enjoy the azure indescribable without a single stranger insight, as well as vibrant beach bars where A-listers come to play. Enjoy an island-hopping adventure through uninhabited heavenly beaches, cycle through the pine forests, cool down at the cascading waterfalls, and indulge in spectacular Greek cuisine served in traditional tavernas and glamorous restaurants. Easily accessible by plane from many European cities, you can start your escapade at the Northern Lefkas Marina, where you’ll enjoy top-notch marine services and continue to explore the spectacular sheer cliffs, verdant nature, and bustling cities. 

With so much to offer, Lefkada requires a good itinerary so that you don’t miss out on any gorgeous havens this island has to offer. Here are our recommendations for an unforgettable cruise in the stunning Ionian jewel:

Best Beaches In Lefkada

Porto Katsiki

You’ve probably already seen photos of Porto Katsiki on postcards and travel publications - thanks to dramatic cliffs and electric blue seas, it is one of the most photographed beaches on Earth. The impressive landscape and crystal clear seas make it very popular among sun worshipers who flock to the oasis in search of the perfect summer oasis. The cliffs rise abruptly and embrace the sea - the rest is just viridescent vegetation that backdrops the horizon and adds to the allure of this spectacular beach. It’s located 44km south of the capital and very close to the Athani village, where you can go for an afternoon stroll after a relaxing day of swimming and bronzing. The village has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, thanks to numerous settlers who left their mark on this spectacular sea-view spot - the first settlers were Italians, who were later joined by Spanish Jews in the 15th Century. The results are a multicultural vibe and spectacular cuisine. Don’t forget to buy some honey from the locals to savor during breakfast on the aft deck of your luxury charter yacht. 


Endless stretches of toasty, white sand and glittery blue seas are what make Egremni one of the most popular beaches in the Mediterranean. Egremni used to be accessed by foot through the 325 steps that led to the shore, but they were destroyed by an earthquake - thank god you have your own boat because the beach can now only be accessed by sea. The simple white and blue palette is beautifully juxtaposed by dramatic barren cliffs that create an illusion of privacy, even in peak summer months when many tourists come to enjoy the joys of summer. 

Mylos Beach

Tucked away between the coasts of Agios Nikitas and Kathisma, not far from the island’s capital, Mylos beach is a picture-perfect sight of beige, creamy sand, and turquoise seas. Thanks to its large size, the beach offers privacy and seclusion ideal for those who’d like to avoid the crowds and spend the day unwinding and relaxing with friends and family. 

Kathisma beach

One of the longest beaches in Lefkada is located just 17 km from the main town, in close proximity to the Agios Nikitas village, one of the most popular resort spots on the island. Katshisima boasts irresistible natural beauty and is the ideal place for those who’d like to enjoy a more active beach day. Thrill-seekers will love to try sky parachuting, offered by many local agencies, an activity that will provide you an eagle view of the marvelous azure environment and sun-soaked sand. 

Kalamitsi beach

Those who’ve been to Lefkada already might notice we missed the Vassiliki beach - that’s because it gets quite busy and overcrowded. Instead, we suggest this virgin beach with shiny limpid seas and white sands without even a trace of footsteps on them to interfere with the gorgeous natural sights. Sometimes visited by naturists who play Adam and Eve on this Eden-like haven, the beach is spared from mass tourism and offers a magnificent natural environment to enjoy relaxing and meditating to the soothing sound of sea waves. 

It was hard to just pick five - other beaches to visit include Agiofili, Mikros, Agios Ioannis, Agios Nikitas, and Tsoukalades beach. You’ll find many more no-name virgin coves during your cruise, guided by a captain with vast experience and knowledge of the area. 

Best places to visit in Lefkas

The stunning Ionian island is adorned with traditional villages, green countryside, and bustling port towns. Connected to the mainland by a causeway on the northern tip, Lefkada also serves as a great base to explore the region while cruising, but also offers fun activities to enjoy on foot. These are the best spots to visit and soak in the pleasant, unhurried Mediterranean atmosphere.

Lefkada town

With a modern marina that offers an amazing level of service and provides over 620 berths, the main city attracts the yachting community who come to explore the mesmerizing region. The town itself suffered terrible damage during the 1953 earthquake, but some historic sights did survive. Visit the Castle of Agia Maura, which marked the border between the lands of Ali Pasha and British Ionian islands, or stop by the Phonograph Museum and Folklore to get a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the island. Culture vultures will surely enjoy a tour of the Archeological museum, while foodies should book a cooking class at Alternative Lefkada and learn how to prepare local pastries and sweets in a rustic villa just outside of town.


The most popular resort town of the island is located on the east coast and owes its allure to the lush nature, glittery beaches, and a myriad of spectacular restaurants. Stretch your feet for a walk to the cascading Nidri waterfalls, accessed by verdant hiking trails, and cool off in the natural pool that surrounds it. You’ll find several shops selling handmade goods, and eateries serving delicious food. Relax in one of the waterfront cafes with sweet baklava and enjoy the views of flotillas coming in and out of this charming village. There’s a blue-flag beach on the north side of the village, but prettier ones are just a short cruise away. Nearby, you’ll find Kalamos sea caves where you can swim and dive to admire the colorful underwater world. 


One of the largest tourist centers in Lefkas, Vassiliki is a gorgeous coastal town offering plenty of activity both on land and sea. The beaches here offer a wide array of water sports - windsurfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, and scuba diving are just some things to enjoy during your stay in Vassiliki. There are numerous hip restaurants and bars - visit Zorbas for a mouthwatering seafood dish, get a cocktail at the shabby chic 155 bar, and dance till dawn in one of the cool seaside clubs. If you feel like getting a few souvenirs, stop by Classicon shop where you’ll find amazing handmade goods and local products. The cosmetics sold here have a cult following among regular visitors - the organic body creams and soaps will prevent that glowing tan of yours from peeling!

Agios Nikitas

A lovely village with typical Mediterranenan houses, old streets with bougainvillea flowers and numerous taverns and shops, Agios Nikitas might be the prettiest spot in Lefkas and allows easy access to the most alluring beaches of the region. With Pefkoulia beach to the North, Kathsima to the South and Milos just next to it, it’s not hard to understand why Agios Nikitas tops the list of Lefkada tourist centers. The capital is a stone throw away, and the marvelous position of this picturesque village makes it a great base to explore the nearby crystal coves and natural gems. 

Best restaurants in Lefkada

Greece is famous for spectacular and authentic cuisine, and the luxurious restaurants and traditional taverns make the most out of fresh, local ingredients to provide a culinary experience like no other. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple place to grab a bite in between dips or are in the hunt for a romantic spot to celebrate an anniversary, the wide array of restaurants has something for everyone. 

Errikos taverna, Meganisi

At first glance, there’s nothing special about this simple taverna - yes, it’s pretty, but not more impressive than your usual Mediteranean eatery. Yet, this seaside restaurant is a favorite among many who come to enjoy the best seafood on Lefkas and great service offered by the friendly staff. 

Mylos Bar, Kos

The charming atmosphere, gourmet cuisine and spicy cocktails are well worth the walk to visit this restaurant in Kastos, built around a renovated windmill and surrounded by lush nature. 

Veranda, Nikiana

Perhaps the most romantic restaurant in Lefkada, Verada is the place for hedonists with high standards when it comes to food and wine. Enjoy the panoramic views, modern decor and tasty dishes whose masterful presentation matches the beauty of the environment. Positioned high above the sea, this restaurant has some of the best sea vistas in the entire island and an attentive staff that will make you feel royal for a day. 

Taverna Georgalakis, Evgiros

Located in a scenic village of Evgiros, near Vassiliki, Taverna Georgalakis is the place to enjoy traditional recipes passed from generation to generation in a marvelous garden setting. Try the stifado rabbit or lamb kleftiko to learn what Greek cuisine is all about. 

T’Aloni, Chortata

A stylish, but traditional restaurant with mesmerizing views of the lush nature, T’Aloni offers a wide range of Greek meals, liqueurs and wines and boasts a romantic ambiance perfect for a special occasion with your significant other. Book a table for an early dinner to enjoy the sunset after a day of swimming in Porto Katsiki, or come with little ones for a delicious lunch in nature. 

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