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In the haze of touristy beaches, well-established resorts, and celebrated coves in Greece, it’s easy to miss out on hidden jewels often overlooked by travelers. After all, this gorgeous Mediterranean country does boast 6,000 islands - leaving much to be explored year after year. If you deem yourself more of a citizen of the world and less of a tourist, the island of Poros is the perfect place for your next luxury charter cruise. 

Beautifully nonchalant and unpretentious, this laid-back island in the Saronic Gulf flaunts heavenly beaches, scenic port towns, and a casual atmosphere perfect for your next family vacation. If overcrowded beaches are not your thing and you want to enjoy the natural beauties without rushing to book a parasol, this island should definitely be part of your itinerary. With no chain hotels and tourist traps, Poros has an authentic atmosphere that somehow managed to fight back from mass hospitality. This doesn’t make the beaches mediocre - in fact, this Saronic Island has some of the most enchanting coves in Greece. And a lot of them. 

Mostly attracting wealthy expats who own property here and artists in search of inspiration, Poros was the preferred summer destination of famous writer Truman Capote, who adored the unhurried Mediterranean tempo of this turquoise island and spent a lot of time here admiring the mesmerizing natural beauty. Perhaps the best-kept secret of Greece, Poros is the ideal place for your next yachting adventure with so much to explore, it’s easy to get lost. 

Best beaches in Poros

Love Bay 

If you’re planning a romantic holiday on this Saronic Island, make sure to visit the viridescent Love Bay, where you can swim in crystal clear waters, soak in the sizzling Greek sun, or seek some shade under the lush pine trees, mirrored in the limpid seas and borrowing its emerald color to the entire beach. With luxurious vessels moored in the bay and a scenic charisma, you’re guaranteed an Eden-like experience of chilled summer fun. The name of this gorgeous cove was created back in the 50s when arranged marriages were the standard in Greece, so couples in love enjoyed stolen moments of their forbidden affair under the pine trees far away from curious eyes. Come for some romance on this picturesque beach, where you’ll find a small taverna that offers refreshments after a full day of swimming and an old chapel that adds an even more dazzling appeal to the enchanting allure of this hidden gem. 

Skala Beach

Those looking for translucent Caribbean blue seas and soft pale sand should luff up to visit this gleaming hidden beach in Poros, that flaunts a relaxed ambiance and very few visitors. What makes the beach even more unique is the large, white-washed church of Agioi Anargyri, standing exactly on the shore and adding to the impressive look of Skala Beach. Perfect for both couples and families traveling with little ones, it offers a rare blend of fine sand and pine trees and is perhaps one of the most stunning beaches in Greece. 

Askeli Beach 

Just a few kilometers from the main town, the village of Askeli has a spectacular sandy beach with deep crystal-clear waters perfect for a relaxing summer day. Mercifully spared from tourism, the beach is in close proximity to a few shops and bars and is an ideal pick for those who want to enjoy some privacy during their luxury yachting holiday.

Agistri Chalikiada Beach

Close to Limenaria village, this ravishing pebbled beach offers an impressive sight of electric-blue seas, dramatic citrine cliffs, and green trees dotting the mountains. Without much more than a few yachts moored in the bay, the beach is private and some choose to practice nudism here, although that is quite optional. Keep your bathing suit on or off, and swim in this impressive cove without rubbing shoulders with any tourists. 

Vayionia beach

A few kilometers from the island’s main town, on the northern shore of the island, you’ll find this gorgeous sandy cove. Don your yachts dive gear to explore the remains of an ancient town in the turquoise seas. Is it Atlantis? We don’t know, but the sights are quite impressive. After a splendid dive, walk along the sandy shore to reach the lush citrus trees, whose fragrance mixes with the sea salt in the air, creating an irresistible scent you’ll want to bottle up and wear as a perfume. Nearby, you can grab a bite in a traditional taverna that serves snacks and refreshments. 

It’s really hard to pick just 5 beaches in the area - if you have time, make a swimming stop in Kalvaria beach, Panagitsa, Russian Bay, and Monastery - your yacht’s captain can probably name at least another 30 stunning coves to see. 

Best places to visit in Poros

Easily accessible from Athens, this island stays beautifully underexplored. After just a few hours here, you’ll feel that Poros is quite livable, offering its own routine, way of life, and an edge that you won’t find in other Greek summer destinations. Unapologetically authentic, this island does require some research beforehand. It’s quite larger than its neighbors and has many lovely towns to explore. What most don’t realize is that Poros actually consists of two islands, Sphairia and Kalaureia, so the best way to explore it is by boat. With many gorgeous port towns and villages, it’s quite easy to get lost. Here are our top picks of places for some on-land fun.

Poros Town

Serene, beautiful and romantic, Poros Town is the capital and main harbor of the island, located south, on the volcanic Sferia. The charming town owes its sublime appeal to amphitheatrical built neoclassical houses that surround the 2km long shore, that shine in the distance with their pearly white facades, terracotta roofs, and charming wooden balconies. Walk the maze of the old street, spiced up with hibiscus and bougainvillea flowers, and regular coffee stops in cute tavernas that seem as though time stood still. When you reach Dorizi square, take some time to explore the Archaeological Museum with exhibitions that contain artifacts from the Mycenian to the Roman era. If you walk up to the Clock Tower, you’ll be able to see the Peloponnese mountains and marvel at the blush sunsets. 

Askeli Village

The village with one of the prettiest beaches in Greece, Askeli offers more than lazy beach days. Located in the promontory that joins Sferia with Kalavria, this picturesque village is actually the busiest one on the island but is still far from overcrowded. Built around Progymnastirio, the first residence of King Othon in the 19th century, that serves today as a naval academy, the village of Askeli has stunning neoclassical houses and a unique allure that makes for a lovely summer destination.


Perhaps the most aristocratic village in the area, Galatas stands opposite of the main town and has a charm that is both regal and rustic. As if time stood still, the town refuses modern fashion and stays loyal to its classic style. Relax in one of the waterfront cafes, or visit the chic amusement place Elanova, where you can take a dip in the swimming pool, dine in a wonderful restaurant and let your kids play freely in the Zoo. While Galatas is not actually located on Poros, it’s only 360 meters away from the capital, accessible within minutes from the sea. It provides spectacular views of the harbor town of Poros and is more famous for 30,000 citrus trees rather than tourism. 

Best restaurants in Poros

The Saronic island is famous for its delicious Greek cuisine, influenced by different cultures of expats who choose Poros as their summer home. Prepare for a real hedonist adventure in the family-owned tavernas serving both traditional dishes and seafood specialties. 

White Cat 

A seaside restaurant located on the capital’s waterfront, White Cat specializes in mouthwatering traditional recipes and serves freshly caught fish that will have you coming back for more. Gluten-free and vegan options are readily available, and the desserts are to die for. 


Try the culinary specialties at this harbor restaurant in Poros Town - the lamb chops area guests favorite, while the views of the city are simply ravishing. Some of the menu options to consider include saganaki cheese, chicken souvlaki, and tzatziki. 

Kanali Beach Club & Restaurant

Dine-in a gorgeous atmosphere and shave off the calories in the beach nearby. Kanali has something of a cult following, thanks to a cool vibe, shabby chic decor that evokes the feeling of hotspots in St Barts in the 80s, mouthwatering seafood dishes, and a handsome wine list that accentuates the creative flavors of the meals. Very stylish, but in a completely laid-back way, the restaurant is a joy for all senses. 


Popular among the locals, the rustic restaurant offers palatable Greek dishes and awe-inspiring seafood. At first sight, it looks like any other Greek taverna, but the incredible dishes will probably have you booking a table more than once during your stay. The staff is super friendly and goes out of their way to make you feel at home.

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