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Yacht Charter Itinerary for the Cyclades

Planning a luxury charter cruise in the mesmerizing Cycladic islands? From star studded beaches in Mykonos to romantic sunsets in Santorini, this Greek archipelago has so much to offer. The fresh meltemi winds provide ideal sailing conditions from June to September, helping you discover all the dreamy islands and hidden jewels of the glittery Aegean seas. With so many azure beaches and on land hot spots, it can be quite easy to be overwhelmed with beauty and miss out on some truly incredible places, which is why a good itinerary is a crucial ingredient for an unforgettable adventure in the Cycladic islands. Visit the mysterious ancient temples, swim in the sparkliest secret beaches and dine in hip restaurants frequented by A listers from all over the world with some help from our connoisseur guide through the bluest Greek route.

Day 1 - Athens To Kea

Who wants to go to Mykonos without at least a little bit of tan? Start your cruise in the City of Gods, where you can devote some time to explore the historic landmarks such as Parthenon, or perhaps do some last minute shopping in the high fashion Voukourestiou Street. Easily accessible from all big cities in the world, Athens is the ideal start of your fabulous luxury charter cruise through the Cycladic archipelago. Meet your yacht’s stellar crew in the ritzy Athens marina and head to the dreamy island of Kea, where you can relax on sandy beaches far away from tourist crowds. 

This lovely island is a popular weekend getaway for Athenians many of whom own their second homes here and has a laid-back charm ideal for families and those looking to enjoy a peaceful timeout in the sandy coves and limpid seas. Make sure to visit the mysterious prehistoric lion that's linked to a number of legends and tales of Kea. According to Greek mythology, the island was inhabited by nymphs and its beauty enraged them so much, they sent the Lionda to dry out Kea and make the nymphs seek refuge elsewhere. The hardest part about your stay will be deciding where to swim - this island has sublime beaches, such as the viridescent Gialiskari, aquamarine Kambi, and the translucent Pisses. After a day of swimming and bronzing, book a table at Aigis to enjoy haute cuisine and pink sunsets over the glittery Aegean seas.

Day 2 - Kea To Syros

Although you’ll probably be a little sad to leave the gorgeous Kea, whose history goes back to the Bronze Age, the beauty of the most elegant Cycladic island will soon bring you some comfort. Home to the safest and largest natural port in Greece, this island is the melting pot of European culture and offers an aristocratic allure unlike any other summer destination  you’ve ever seen. With a completely distinct look, neoclassical buildings and regal heritage, Syros is the best kept secret of Greece that locals jealousy guard from tourists. 

Whether you like to practice the art of dolce far niente or prefer a more active vacation, Syros has you covered. On land, you can explore the Capuchin and Jesuit monasteries, several art museums and vibrant shops and galleries. Stroll around the Town Hall square in Ermoupoli, emblematic of this superb Greek island and marvel at the eclectic architecture of the Vaporia quarter. Make time to try the loukoumi here - it's so good that a box of Turkish delight was shipped from Syros each year to Buckingham palace for the queen to enjoy. And when it’s time to soak swim in the sparkly seas, choose between Galissas, Agathopes, Vary or Kini - your captain will show you at least 10 more! 

You’ll probably become so enamoured by the beaches, Venetian mansions and opulent restaurants that old Hollywood superstars and British royalty adored, you might want to prolong your stay for a few days - but there are many more blue horizons to see… 

Day 3 - Syros To Mykonos

Now that you’ve bronzed up and relaxed in the more tranquil Cycladic destinations, it’s time to go all out in the glamorous party capital of the world - Mykonos. With more swish beach clubs than the rest of the Mediterrnean combined has to offer, prepare to rub shoulders with the most famous models, actors and superstars while dancing until dusk to the tunes of powerhouse DJs. If you’re looking for a more under-the-radar experience, stroll through the enchanting city of Delos, where you’ll find a chapel for each day of the year, or dine in spectacular restaurants where the freshest seafood is delivered in traditional caique fishing boats. Numerous luxe boutiques attract editors of the glossiests fashion magazines - hunt your next statement piece while wandering the streets of the gorgeous towns and villages of Mykonos.

Day 4 - Mykonos to Paros

When you’re done dancing in Scorpios and munching on lobster in Nammos, it’s time to recharge in the pretty island of Paros, famous for unique beaches, superb restaurants and historic landmarks. Visit the basilica from the 4th century or the Monastery of 100 doors - only 99 have been found, and you can try to locate the last one, or simply visit one of the golden beaches and sip on cocktails at sunset. Kolimbithres is a must see - this sandy beach is home to some beautiful sculptures that were formed with some help from the sea and wind, as well as numerous coves that you can explore using one of the many water toys provided by your charter yacht.  

Day 5 - Paros To Santorini

Say hello to blush sunsets and otherworldly vistas in the white and blue island of Sanorini! One quick look at the caldera, a hollow formed by the sleepy volcano, will make you fall in love and never want to leave. A destination everybody should get to visit at least once, Santorini holds the status of the world’s most romantic summer hotspot thanks to ravishing vistas and the most colorful twilights you’ll come across. 

The typical Cycladic architecture with whitewashed houses with blue domes makes every photo you’ll take Insta-worthy. What most tourists complain about is that hotels have the view of either the caldera, or the sunsets - but you’ll get to enjoy both on your luxury charter yacht.  The culture vultures will enjoy a visit to Akrotiri, the archeological site many compared to Italy’s Pompei and the renaissance castle in Oia, bejeweled with high numerous restaurants a la Vogue. 

For the well-traveled charterer who’s looking for more than simple sandy beaches, Santorini can offer red, white and black sand swimming havens with peculiar volcanic formations and hot springs that will take your breath away. And while you’re here, don’t forget to try the split fava or the white aubergine, unique to this beguiling island. Book a table at Selene or Botargo for a special occasion and surrender to the unique hedonist spell that Santorini casts on its visitors. 

Day 6 - Santorini to Sikinos

When you’re in need for a secluded oasis where you can relax and enjoy the azure indescribable far from the hustle and bustle, your experienced captain will take you to this lesser known island, where you can enjoy an authentic Greek atmosphere unspoiled by mass tourism. Sikinos is a hidden gem adorned with Caribbean blue beaches where you can live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies without heading to St. Barts or faraway coves of Indonesia. Fine grained alabaster sand, pristine waters and few tourists make this Cycladic gem the ideal spot to test out the wide array of your luxury charter yachts water toys! 

Since traffic here is very limited and most locals walk wherever necessary, the nature is uncorrupt and the island gives out an impression that you’ve somehow managed to travel back in time. With fabulous natural attractions, dozens of glittery coves and typical Greek churches and monasteries, Sikinos is running for the status of the next biggest “it” destination. Make sure to visit the Manalis winery and wander around the lush verdant vineyards, indulge in a fine tasting and gourmet lunch and get a few bottles to enjoy on the foredeck of your glamorous superyacht as you sail away to your next destination. 

Day 7 - Sikinos to Serifos

It’s not just the name of this island that will remind you of the precious blue gemstone. Serifos is blessed with more sparkly beaches than you can count, and matches the beauty of the more famous Cycladic islands such as Santorini or Mykonos with the added bonus of being uncorrupt by mass tourism. The downside of any tranquil summer destination is that they usually have little to offer in terms of restaurants and nightlife, but that’s not the case with this island. With both hip upscale eateries and traditional tavernas, you’ll be spoilt with options when deciding where to fill up after a day full of swimming. Coco Mat has better cocktails than Paradise in Mykonos, while Blue Bamboo has the best seafood you’ll find on your cruise. You might want to prolong your stay to enjoy the exotic beaches like the electric blue Ganema or the almost deserted Agios Sostis - Serifos is the place nobody ever wants to leave!

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