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Yacht Charter Itinerary for the Dodecanese islands

Few countries (if any) can boast with such spectacular natural wonders like Greece. This Mediterranean country has over 1200 large islands and 4000 smaller ones, with arguably the prettiest ones being scattered in the Dodecanese archipelago. The Cyclades are a close competitor, but if you’re trying to avoid the crowds Mykonos and Santorini are notorious for, you’ll love the secluded beaches of Rhodes, Kalimnos and Kos. Each Dodecanese island flaunts a distinct character and unique appeal, but what they all have in common are translucent azure seas, enchanting Medieval cities and eclectic cultural heritage. With so many gorgeous traditional villages to see and mesmerizing beaches to visit, it can be easy to miss out - but a well planned luxury yacht charter itinerary can help you absorb as much beauty as possible. Leave your mundane worries behind and sail away to your next adventure - your attentive charter crew will serve you a glass of cold rose and show you all the hidden jewels of the Dodecanese for an affair to remember!

Day 1 - Kos to Nisyros

Welcome aboard! After settling in on your yacht, take your time to explore the magical city of Kos that flaunts a bustling social scene, dazzling architecture and lots of splendid greenery. Just 10 minutes away from the main harbor, you can visit the Asklepieion where you’ll find the Doric temple from 2 century BC, and an ancient medical center built in honor of the father of medicine, Hippocrates. Kos town is also home to the temple of Aphrodite, as well as the enchanted medieval Knights Castle. After a nice walk, rest on the foredeck of your superyacht while your captain starts navigating towards your next destination. Kos is the third largest Dodecanese island, so you might want to spend a bit more time exploring it. Hop to the scenic village of Asfendiou for a romantic afternoon or come marvel at the blush sunset of Zia, a true hidden gem hidden on the slopes of Mount Dikaios. When it comes to swimming options, you’ll be spoiled with options - Marmari is just minutes away from the capital and offers a tranquil atmosphere and long stretches of golden sand. Mastichari is the most hip beach of the island and is blessed with superb tavernas where you can recharge after testing out your luxury yacht charter’s water toys. Paradise Beach has a name that says it all and might be the best option for those traveling with little ones.

While you’re sipping on sundowner cocktails, the captain will park in the passionate Nisyros marina, where you’ll get the chance to explore the unique terrain, colorful coves and intriguing nature. This island is home to the youngest active volcano in Greece which designed the peculiar and often outworldly looking terrain. The once completely forgotten island has become a large artist colony in recent years and home to numerous fantastic galleries and hip bars and eateries. Hunt your next statement piece in Nikia and Mandraki, two scenic hilltop villages full of lush nature and even better restaurants. 

As you make your way back to the yacht, pick your favorite tunes as you sail away to more blue horizons. 

Day 2 - Nisyros To Chalki

Ready to explore what might be the coolest Greek island you might never heard of? Get ready for the dramatic terrain of hilly Chalki, home to some of the best beaches of the Dodecanese archipelago. Although the island was inhabited since prehistoric times, today it has less than 460 residents due to an exodus that happened in the 20th century. After spending a few hours here, you’ll probably wonder how they ever had the heart to leave - Chalki boasts superb and completely pristine turquoise coves, picturesque villages with remains from the Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Venetian, Genoan, and Ottoman eras. The main town, Emborios might remind you of Cinque Terre - but without the crowds!

Day 3 - Chalki To Kalymnos 

Whether you’d like to laze around in dreamy beaches that you might get to have all to yourself or want a more active day, Kalymnos has you covered. Until recently, this heavenly island was often overlooked for more popular destinations like Kos and Rhodes, but has recently gained a lot of popularity and buzz thanks to a huge climbing community.  Many  come to conquer vertigo-inducing hills and mountains only to enjoy the astonishing views of endless blue seas and medieval towns. For some on land fun, wander through the neoclassic town of Pothia where you’ll find pastel-hued villas and the awe-inspiring statue of the Lady of Kalymnos found by fisherman in 1995 and the knight’s Castle of Chrisocheria. 

Day 4 - Kalymnos To Symi 

Prepare for love at first sight as you arrive at this stunning island famous for its turquoise coves, Venetian architecture and culinary wonders. Moor for the day and swim in the electric blue beaches such as Nos, Panormitis or Nymborio, and make time to indulge in delicious meals in traditional taverns where you’ll get to try an endemic kind of shrimp that only lives in Symi. Visit the medieval castles and make sure to go souvenir shopping - the best natural sponges in the world are fished in this blue oasis! 

Day 5 - Symi To Rhodes 

The highpoint of your luxury charter cruise might be the day you spend in The Island of the Knights, where you’ll find mysterious medieval towns, mile-long stretches of golden sand, exotic looking beaches and vibrant nightlife. The yachting community is strong in Rhodes, so you’ll find several extraordinary marinas that can accommodate vessels of any size and offer top notch services. If you moor in the one in the capital, you can take some time to stroll through the maze of labyrinthian streets in The Old Town and New Town - both of which are bejeweled with century old buildings, swanky restaurants and high fashion shops. 

Thanks to the peculiar cultural blend and architecture, the city holds a UNESCO World Heritage status. Here, you can see everything from mystical Ottoman mosques, neoclassical mansions to Gothic buildings, and a stroll through the town is almost like a crash course in history. 

For some more recent history, visit the chic resort town of Lindos, where Pink Floyd members wrote some of their best tunes and members of the jetset are frequently seen hiding behind shades and sipping on some Aperol in the gardens of sublime local restaurants. If you’re traveling with little sailors, a visit to the Butterfly Valley is a must. Here, you’ll find a vast safe haven for numerous endangered butterfly species who spread their wings and fly around the Zitia tree. Meditetate next to the cascading waterfalls or show your kids just how wonderful and miraculous this world of ours can be - visiting the Butterfly valley is truly a one of a kind experience. 

Day 6 - Rhodes to Patmos

After the hustle and bustle of the lively and gorgeous island of Rhodes, you might enjoy the completely different atmosphere Patmos oozes. The most spiritual Dodecanese is relatively small and beautifully underexplored - here, you’ll find dozens of secluded turquoise coves, charming villages and an eclectic architectural style that will inspire you to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of this beguilingly beautiful island. But Patmos is not just a joy for the senses. It’s most famous for it’s spiritual tradition and was even mentioned in the Bible’s  Book Of Revelation, which is why it is an important part of any Christian’s pilgrimage itinerary. Here, you can visit the Cave of the Apocalypse, where God spoke to apostle John, as well as several monasteries where you can recharge and recenter. The divine energy can be felt everywhere, from aquamarine beaches Kambos and Skala, to the ancient streets of UNESCO protected town of Chora. After some prayer and meditation, relax on the sundeck of your luxury charter yacht as you sail away to your final Dodecanse stop. 

Day 7 - Patmos to Samos 

Breathe in the pure air with the lingering scent of seasalt as you arrive at the bewitching island of Samos, where you’ll find plenty to do both on foot and while cruising. The birthplace of the father of mathematics, Pythagora, and the famous philosopher Epicureus, is dotted with ancient landmarks that any culture vulture would enjoy exploring. Spend some time in the Temple of Hera, or the Tunnel of Eupalinos, which was considered to be one of the eight wonders of the ancient world. When you need to cool down from the sizzling Greek sun, swim in the glittery cove of Psili Ammos, where you can also spend time playing with your yacht’s water toys, or the secret beach of Platanakia, where you can absorb the lush nature and snorkel to marvel at the vibrant aquatic life. Potami beach is where the deep green color of pine trees mirrors in the cerulean-blue seas, perfect for those who would like to enjoy some privacy on their last day. 

It’s time to go back to Kos, where your talented onboard chef will prepare a delicious gourmet dinner to mark the ending of your unforgettable luxury charter cruise - or would you like to prolong your stay for a few days? We think we already know the answer...

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