ALTEYA, Catamaran

Year 2021, Sunreef

21,30 m
11,35 m
1,90 m
Cruising 14 knots
4 double cabins
High season
75.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
55.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 8 + PAX night 8
We accept charges from
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Alteya 21 meter Catamaran for Charter with 4 cabins for 8 guests

With extravagant and futuristic stylings, Alteya is the latest generation of superyachts with a debut in 2021. An overachiever and trendsetter, this exceptional catamaran measures just over 21 meters and oozes power throughout her ultramodern spaces envisioned by Sunreef shipyards. She is an astonishing yacht that blends creative use of space, luxurious decor, and immaculate engineering to make a mark and set a turning point in how we perceive naval glamour. 
Her airy and impressive salon welcomes a flood of natural light through large windows, skylight, and sliding doors that illuminate tasteful furnishings of a classic black and white palette. Here you can spend leisure time lazing away on the sumptuous sofa or enjoy gourmet cuisine in the elegant dining area. 
A few steps will lead you to the gracious aft deck, where you’ll find ample sunbeds that easily convert into a sofa for alfresco dining pleasures. The starboard cabinetry flaunts a bar for quick refreshments and more seating options. Take the stairs to reach the ample water platform, crafted to allow easy water access when you feel like going for a swim. 
For added outdoor options, head to the flybridge accessed by the stairs from the main deck, where you’ll find more swanky seating areas. In the mood for a gourmet meal A dining area here is just waiting for you to share meals with your entourage. Ready for a bronzing session Several tanning beds await you to sunbathe while absorbing the turquoise vistas. An L shaped sofa and bar are also found here for days spent practicing the art of dolce far niente. When you’re ready for a change of scenery, walk to the forward deck where a table and sun pads await you to toast to life with a glass of crisp white wine.  
If you’re yearning for some adrenaline-boosting adventures, use one of the numerous water toys certain to provide some aquatic excitement. 
Alteya a fully-customizable layout, capable of carrying up to 8 guests in lavish cabins where contemporary minimalism meets true opulence. Whichever stateroom you choose, you can count on sophistication, state of the art technology, and ensuite facilities that provide more than just the expected comforts. 

Water Toys 

  • 5,0 meter tender with 100 HP 
  • 1 X jet ski Sea Doo
  • 2 X seabob
  • 2 X paddle boards
  • 1 X kayak
  • Water ski (adult and children )
  • Wakeboard
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkelling gear

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