FREEDOM, Motor Yacht

Year 2007 (Refit 2017), Alalunga

23,85 m
5,80 m
2,50 m
Cruising 23 knots
2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins with Pullman
High season
35.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
30.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 10 + PAX night 10
We accept charges from
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Freedom 24 meter motor yacht for charter with 4 cabins for 10 guests

A superyacht that proudly carries the pedigree of the highly renowned Alalunga shipyards, Freedom is a 23.85-meter long beauty with the state of the art technology and refined aesthetics. With stabilizers at anchor and underway, the sporty cruising speed of 23 knots is barely felt. After her launch in 2007, Freedom received an extensive refit in 2017 to polish up her glorious spaces and ensure perfect conditions for charter guests ready to embark on an exciting journey through the Mediterranean seas.
Inside, you’ll find an artfully styled salon with timeless, yet modern decor. The lavish furnishings in the living room area include two sumptuous sofas where you can cozy up and spend time bonding with friends and family.
Slightly separated, the dining room is the perfect environment for a tasting of the spectacular dishes by the onboard chef. Take the glass stairs nearby to reach the well-appointed cabins that can carry between 8-10 guests in utmost comfort. Abundant premium-wood panelling is present in all cabins to create a relaxing atmosphere for a homely feeling. The master suite has is a spacious oasis where you can unwind after a long day at sea - a similar look is evident in the glossy VIP suite as well. Two other cabins have flexible berths that can be used as either twin or queen-size beds depending on your groups preference. Each cabin has a separate ensuite bathroom and a flat-screen TV.
When you’re fully rested, enjoy a delicious breakfast on the aft deck and breath in the air that carries the beautiful scent of sea salt. After an aromatic espresso, hop to the wide bathing platform that allows easy sea access. Freedom is equipped with a large array of water toys - try the thrilling sea bob to best admire the lush aquatic life.
Head to the exceptionally planned flybridge to marvel at the sweeping views while shaded by a retractable bimini. Here, you’ll find another seating area and daybeds where you can mingle and sip on colourful cocktails.When you feel like tanning, pick up your favourite sunscreen and laze away on the cushioned bronzing area at the foredeck. Just at the bow, a tucked-in sofa is perfect for romantic sunset gazing after an eventful day on Freedom
To ensure a reliable and carefree cruise, four highly experienced crew members will provide top-notch services and safe navigation.

Water Toys 

  • 1 x 4,7m Tender with 60hp outboard 
  • 1 x Jet ski Seadoo Spark 
  • 1 x Seabob F5S
  • 2 x Paddle board
  • 2 x Pair of waterski 
  • 1 x Kneeboard
  • 1 x Wakeboard
  • 1 x Sofa (3 persons)
  • 1 x Tube (1 person)
  • Snorkeling and Fishing Equipment

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2008 | 26 m
39.000 €
Price from (per week)

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