JUST MARIE 2, Catamaran

Year 2019 (Refit 2021), Lagoon

19,51 m
10,01 m
1,14 m
Cruising 12 knots / Max 14 knots
3 double cabins
High season
59.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
49.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 6 + PAX night 6
We accept charges from
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Just Marie 20 meter Catamaran for Charter with 3 cabins for 6 guests

Complete freedom on the open sea is waiting for you on board this spectacular catamaran, destined for enthralling adventures in the most sought-after destinations. Just Marie is an immaculate charter yacht measuring slightly under 20 meters, merging exceptional performances characteristic for offshore cruises with the unapologetic luxury of a superyacht. With a pedigree of Lagoon shipyards, she’s a Lagoon 630 built to outshine her predecessors with contemporary design, executed by the Italian Nauta studio, and striking exterior lines bound to grab the attention in any marina.
Launched in 2019, Just Marie is a latest-generation superyacht, crafted to dazzle visitors with both a la carte cruising services and elevated aesthetics. 
Equal glamour marks all 3 mesmerizing double cabins capable of sleeping 6, all equipped with large flat-screen TVs and private ensuite bathrooms, boasting creamy hues and soothing tones to create a relaxing atmosphere for a good night’s rest. The master suite even offers private access to the aft deck, so that you can quickly start your next day with a shot of eye-opening espresso before others awake. Here, you’ll find sumptuous seating space and even a barbecue where delicious seafood specialties can be prepared and enjoyed at the elegant alfresco dining table. After a tasty meal, have a short siesta on the gracious daybed nearby. 
Move the sliding door to cool in the dazzling salon, flaunting beige hues, carefully chosen details, and a carefree ambiance. Unwind at the grand lounging sofas where you can comfortably enjoy some movies played on the massive flat-screen TV, or catch up on work at the small office area - Just Marie allows a plethora of both socializing areas, as well as private little sanctuaries where guests can enjoy some peace and quiet. 
Enjoy a gourmet dinner at the flybridge, or sip on cocktails on the bronzing pads and two trampolines that can transform into another spot for socializing and mingling. Talk to your captain about where you want to go next - the world is your oyster when you embark on this superior multihull catamaran. Just Marie is also exceptional when it comes to beach access, thanks to her shallow draft that lets her moor even in otherwise hardly accessible waters. 
For fun and frolics, a big selection of water toys is provided by Just Marie - experiment with windsurfing and have a memorable journey full of adventure!

Water Toys 

  • Ocean Master 460 deluxe 6O HP
  • BIC 11'66" windsurf
  • SUP x 1
  • KAYAK (2pax)
  • Wakeboard junior
  • Wakeboard Adult
  • Waterski Adults
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling Equipment

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