PIOLA, Motor Yacht

Year 2007 (Refit 2018), Ferretti

25,30 m
6,30 m
1,90 m
Cruising 24 knots / Max 28 knots
2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins ( one with Pullman )
High season
37.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
34.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 9 + PAX night 9
We accept charges from
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Piola 25 meter motor yacht for charter with 4 cabins for 9 guests

A brand that guarantees quality and is always at the forefront of innovation in the yachting industry, Ferretti shipyards launched the immaculate superyacht Piola in 2007. After an artful refit in 2018, Piola is in great condition and ready to welcome guests on board. With a length of over 25 meter and a draft of just 1.9 meter, she’s the perfect choice for island hopping in the azure Mediterranean seas, taking you from one cove to another with a cruising speed of 24 knots. 
Start your journey on the sophisticated aft deck, where you can enjoy a glass of refined champagne with your entourage while distancing yourself from mundane worries. With zero speed stabilizers while cruising, you won’t feel the rolling motion while Piola smoothly cuts into waves. 
Ready for your first swimming stop Hop to the wide hydraulic platform that will serve as your private beach in the open seas. The garage stores a wide array of water toys that will allow you to enjoy numerous water sports in the electric blue seas. If all that activity leaves you craving a short siesta, head to the foredeck that has a large solarium - you’ll acquire a bronzy tan in no time, without even feeling the heat. 
When you’re energized and in the mood for a soiree under the starry skies, move the party to the sundeck that offers an ideal setting for entertaining and socializing. Indulge in a mouthwatering meal prepared by the talented onboard chef while soaking in the panoramic views of the seas. 
If it gets too chilly, you can cozy up in the elegant salon, where a soothing ambiance is created with the use of premium materials like fine beige leather, and huge lateral windows use the beauty of the environment as added decor. A dining area and sumptuous sofas provide everything necessary for relaxed marine living. 
Piola has 4 well-appointed cabins that can welcome up to 9 guests for an overnight stay. If you choose the master suite, you’ll wake up to sea views each morning - you can lounge on the sofa or watch some movies before joining your entourage for breakfast. Another double room and two twins all have separate ensuite bathrooms to ensure a maximum level of privacy for all charterers. 
Separate accommodation on Piola is provided for a crew of 4 passionate and attentive marine professionals who’ll ensure a safe an unforgettable yacht charter cruise

Water Toys 

  • 1 x Avon Tender with 50hp Yamaha engine
  • 1 x Jet Ski
  • SUP
  • Waterskis
  • Nautiboard
  • Wakeboard
  • Floating Canopy
  • Tube
  • Fishing & snorkeling equipment

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