WHISPER V, Motor Yacht

Year 2002 (Refit 2018), Ferretti

34,00 m
7,00 m
3,00 m
Cruising 24 knots / Max 30 knots
4 double cabins, 2 twin cabins
High season
77.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
66.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 12
We accept charges from
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Whisper V 34 meter motor yacht for charter with 6 cabins for 12 guests

A shipyard whose name is a standard of quality and innovation, Ferretti launched Whisper V in 2002 and caused a huge splash in the yachting industry. This beauty was refitted in 2018 and offers the utmost luxury for adventurous yacht charter holidays in the Meditteranean. Visit a new turquoise bay every day - Whisper V reaches a thrilling speed of 30 knots, and will take you anywhere you want to go in no time. 
Both the interior and outdoor decks are simply dazzling. The salon shines with earthy tones and premium wood that will make you feel right at home, whether you’re cozying up on the sumptuous chestnut couch, or dining at the formal dining table. The large windows allow you to marvel at the azure vistas even inside. Or, why not play your favourite movie on the huge flat-screen TV and enjoy family bonding time The choice is all yours. 
Whisper V can welcome up to 12 guests for an overnight stay in 6 well-appointed cabins. With an immaculate, modern design, the accommodation resembles that of a swish boutique hotel. The full-beam master suite is palatial and flooded by natural light, with windows that allow you to wake up to the views of azure indescribable. You’ll find a large sofa, work desk, and gorgeous details. The ensuite features an industrial style that fashionable guests will love. All cabins, including the 3 spacious doubles and 1 twin, have cutting-edge entertainment systems and separate bathrooms for maximum privacy. 
Staying on Whisper V will help you grasp the full meaning of la dolce vita. The aft deck features a stunning seating table for alfresco meals prepared by the onboard chef. Why not test the seas with a fun water toy The garage has a wide array of the last nautical gadgets including a sea bob for the most thrilling journey to the underwater world. Dry off at the beige solarium fitted at the stern, or spend some time chilling at the wide hydraulic platform. Still, have some energy left Use the gym equipment anywhere you want and stay in shape while being spoilt with gourmet dishes and fine wine during your stay on board.  
The foredeck boasts a beautiful solarium, while the sundeck has two creamy sunbeds for panoramic vistas and bronzing. For a dinner with a view, spend time dining on the flybridge seating table or dance under the starry skies. 

Water Toys 

  • 1 x Zodiac tender with 115hp outboard engine
  • 1 x Jet Ski Seadoo
  • 1 x Seabob
  • 2 x Tubes (1 person)
  • 2 x Canoe
  • 2 x Stand up paddle
  • 1 x Aqua Glide inatable water park
  • Water skis for adults and children
  • Mono ski

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115.000 €
Price from (per week)

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