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Yacht Charter Itinerary for the Saronic Islands

Let the breeze carry your worries away as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the azure Saronic Islands. A great cruising option for those who can afford everything but time, this archipelago sits closest to the mainland, which is perfect for charter guests landing in Athens. Whether all you need is a sandy beach to kick back and relax, or would prefer a more active yacht charter vacation where you wander through ancient ruins and make use of the blooming bar scene, the Saronics have you covered. Sip on a refreshing cocktail far away from tourist crowds in the sleepy island of Agistri, or mingle with A-listers in exclusive beach clubs of Athens - a luxury charter cruise in this archipelago offers a little bit for everyone. With family friendly tranquil beaches, old-world charms, spectacular cuisine and ancient history, culture and elegance, the islands of the Saronic gulf will exceed your expectations in every way.

Thanks to tranquil winds and many protected bays, this region is one of the safest and calmest cruising areas where you might even practice your very own navigating skills. 

Day 1 - Athens to Poros 

The cradle of democracy and the doorsteps of the Saronic Islands, Athens will serve as your starting point for your luxurious charter cruise through this beguiling archipelago. With many spectacular marinas to choose from, the Classic City offers so much to do, you might want to linger for a few hours before embarking on your unforgettable marine adventure. Visit the impressive Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre to enjoy an array of activities, varying from modern art shows to outdoor yoga classes or wander through the Parthenon. If you find wandering through the ancient temple in the sizzling Greek sun to be too taxing, book a table at Papadakis or Tudor Hall to soak in the view with a gourmet dinner and a glass of rose. Visit the bohemian quarter of Keramikos to learn about the bustling new art scene, and then head to the swanky marina to get introduced to your attentive and passionate crew, who’ll guide you through your azure tour. 

Get comfortable on the foredeck and observe as your luxury charter yacht cuts smoothly into waves. In under an hour, you’ll arrive at the verdant island of Poros, which is a popular weekend destination for Athenians, many of whom own their second homes here. Enjoy a day of complete relaxation and swim in the Eden-like Love Beach, where you’ll find limpid seas tufted by pine trees, or hop to the stylish neoclassical Poros town, which is actually a city in itself. Here, you can sip on some ouzo while gazing superyachts parked at the waterfront or maybe visit the majestic museum with exhibits dating from the Mycenaean Period to Roman times. 

Day 2 - Poros to Aegina

You might feel a little sad to leave the glittery island of Poros behind, but the mesmerizing beauty of Aegina will comfort you in minutes. With glittery beaches, translucent seas, numerous sightseeing attractions and an unpretentious charm, this gorgeous island is considered by many to be one of the prettiest in Greece. With historical heritage that is 2 millenia old, history enthusiasts will have their hands quite busy, while others will enjoy the stunning vistas from the sundeck of their luxury charter yacht. Named after a nymph who eloped with Zeus, Aegina boasts dozens of virgin coves where you can enjoy a full day of swimming without finding a single foot trace in the sand - visit the ghost Karnagio beach, or visit the longest stretch of sand in Agia Marina. 

Day 3 - Aegina to Hydra

So pretty that it caused different emperors to go to war in order to have this shimmering island to themselves, Hydra is an eclectic blend of multiple cultures, all of which left their best influences here. This cosmopolitan island will leave you spellbound with turquoise coves, neoclassical mansions, and an authentic spirit. The car ban on the Hydra creates a feeling of a time capsule - you’ll see many locals getting around by foot, donkey or foot. Visit the aristocratic Idra town, or perhaps make your way to Kaifa to get the best views of the Saronic and Peloponnese islands.  Avlaki is a scenic village with celeste-blue sheltered bay where tradition meets luxury - book a table at Téchnē Restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the prettiest gardens of Greece!

Day 4 - Hydra to Nafplio

The most romantic stop of your entire island-hopping itinerary is certainly Nafplio, a city of rich history and the first capital of modern Greece. Whether you want to spend the day soaking in the history in one of three castles and numerous interesting museums, or want to watch the sunsets from one of the neoclassical terraces in town, this cobblestone town will steal your heart forever in under a minute. Stroll through the bougainvillea studded alleys, hop to the Bourtzi fortress and soak in the sun rays at Arvanitia or Banieres beach - this is one of those picture perfect spots that don't leave anyone indifferent. 

Day 5 - Nafplio to Porto Heli 

The most exclusive destination in all of Greece, Porto Heli is almost like the VIP island reserved only for glitterati and aristocracy. While exploring the chic and swanky waterfront, lined with superyachts, you might run into the former King Constantine II and his wife Queen Anne-Marie, who choose this glossy island as their place of permanent residency, and other European royalty. Although small in size, Porto Heli has two elite marinas that, combined, have 400 berths for vessels up to 300 meters in length. Here, you’ll discover an astonishing offer of stylish restaurants with culinary masterpieces some Michelin-star establishments would be jealous of - try Veranda del Vino, Ippocambos or Salt and Pepper for the best meal of your cruise. Thanks to visitors who’re mostly members of the haute society, the yachtie paradise town is home to several stylish boutiques where you can shop your next Vilbrequins or white summer linens. Nearby, you can visit the Ververoda Lake to soak in the scenery or get water skiing lessons - the water here is said to have medicinal properties that can cure many skin conditions. Enjoy some sizzling heat at the Golden, Town or Costa beach, or maybe watch a movie under the starry sky in the open air cinema - chic, sophisticated and wildly beautiful, Nafplio is the city to fall in love with and cherish year after year. 

Day 6 - Porto Heli to Spetses

A sparkling island of pastel-hued neoclassical mansions that makes a great first impression, Spetzes has always been one of the most elite spots in the Saronic gulf. Known as Pityussa in ancient times, the island got its name after the spice route it belonged in times of Venetian rule. You might feel like you’ve somehow managed to travel back in time during your stay in Spetses because of the wonderfully preserved old villas and the lack of traffic - no cars are allowed on the island. Breathe in the pure air that carries the fragrance of sea-salt as you stroll through - a stay in Spetses will do wonders for both your health and your soul. An island that offers under the radar glamour far from the tourist crowds, it is one of the most popular getaway for cool Athenians who fiercely object to the development of big hospitality chains, guarding the authentic allure of this magical spot. 

Here, you’ll find affluent neighbourhoods with flower-studded villas, electric-blue beaches with taverns that haven't changed much since the 60s, and ritzy marinas with berths reserved for those in the know. The lush nature and pristine seas have attracted celebrities since the beginning of time - Spetzes was a preferred holiday destination for icons such as Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. When choosing where to swim, you’ll be spoiled with options. Agia Paraskevi, Agioi Anargiri, Marina Beach and dozens of others will soon become your favorite Greek sunbathing havens.

Day 7 - Spetses to Agistri

If you like to be the first to discover hidden jewels, you’ll be overjoyed to visit Agistri, the best kept secret of the Saronic Gulf. Just under 30 minutes away from Athens, this shimmery island is home to some of the best secluded beaches of the Mediterranean. Backdropped by viridescent scenery, the sea that surrounds Spetses might be the cleanest in Greece and, because it’s very undercrowded, it is the perfect spot to play with the water toys provided by the charter. Finish your island-hopping adventure with a bang and spend time wandering from one aquamarine cove to another - Chalikiada offers dramatic sights of intense blue seas embraced by ochre cliffs, Aponissos has water so limpid that you can see the vibrant aquatic life without ever leaving your yacht’s swimming platform, while Skala is an oasis of soft-grained sand with a church that adds to the unique environment, making the beach look like a picture-perfect postcard. If you’re planning a grand romantic gesture, why not try horseback riding to the sunset by the water? Although small in size, the mesmerizing island offers plenty of unforgettable spots that serve as the sweetest ending of your luxury yacht charter cruise.  

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